What They’re Saying About Us

What they’re saying about the Shaping Opinion podcast!

Rob Parissi

“Tim O’Brien did one of the best interviews I’ve ever done in the many years of my career. He did his homework well, and it was a pleasure to be included in the Shaping Opinion series. Thanks for a great job, Tim, and all the best always!”

Rob Parissi, Front Man Wild Cherry and creator of the song “Play that Funky Music,” Guest, Episode 109

Jim Wetherbe

“Johnny Carson astutely observed that the role of a good interviewer is to make the guest look good. Tim O’Brien does exactly that while ensuring his guests are comfortable and prepared for insightful, compelling questions.”

Author James Wetherbe, wrote FedEx: The World Overnight, Guest, Episode 80

Rod Pyle

“Being featured on Tim O’Brien’s Shaping Opinion podcast has been the highlight of a busy quarter. He does his homework, asks very intelligent questions, and truly engages his guests and his audience with professionally produced content.”

Author Rod Pyle, wrote several books about space travel and discussed the Apollo 11 voyage to the Moon, Guest Episode 57

Rich Ratay

“I appreciate that Tim took the time to prepare for our interview by closely reading my book and creating a list of thoughtful questions and topics. It allowed him to lead an engaging discussion that cut to the heart of what my book is really about—the lasting impact that family road trips had on generations of Americans and how the journey can often be the most rewarding destination of all.”

Author Rich Ratay, wrote the book, Don’t Make Me Pull Over: An informal history of the family road trip. Guest, Episode 21


Fred Hersch

“It was a total pleasure speaking with Tim and being on the Shaping Opinion podcast. He was super-friendly, extremely prepared and asked excellent questions – and I feel that the program is truly valuable for listeners of all interests.”

Jazz pianist and innovator Fred Hersch, Guest, Episode 124

Anna Wang

“Tim is knowledgeable about contemporary issues and read my entire book before the interview. Due to this, he was able to ask complex and high-quality questions. My readers thought that the episode of Shaping Opinion on my book was very helpful as a supplement to my book. ”

Anna Wang, author of the book Inconvenient Memories about the Tiananmen Square protests, Guest, Episode 105

Ron Schuler

“Tim O’Brien knows how to tell a story.  It is such a pleasure to be interviewed by him, because he takes the time to draw the essence of a good story out of you, and knows how to keep the audience engaged in what you have to say.”

Ron Schuler, attorney and author of the book The Steel Bar: Pittsburgh Lawyers and the Making of America, Guest, Episode 132

Jaclyn Schildkraut. SUNY Oswego 08/24/2015

“When I was on the podcast, I enjoyed the conversation because Tim was really interested in diving into the deep issues surrounding mass shootings and Columbine in particular. I think the ability to have a candid talk about really serious topics helps make them relatable to the audience, who may share similar questions or thoughts.”

Jaclyn Schildkraut, Ph.D., professor and author of the book, Columbine, 20 Years Later and Beyond: Lessons in Tragedy, Guest, Episode 62

Gerald Posner

“On of the smartest interviews I’ve had was on Tim O’Brien’s Shaping Opinion podcast. Tim’s piercing questions quickly get to the heart of complex matters and his easy going conversational approach means it is always interesting and entertaining.”

Author Gerald Posner, who wrote the Book Pharma: Greed, lies and the poisoning of America, Guest, Episode 135

John Wall

“Tim delivers everything you’d want in a podcast, compelling interviews that dig deep into fascinating topics. Add Shaping Opinion to your playlist!”

John Wall, marketing expert and co-host of the podcast Marketing Over Coffee, Guest, Episode 38


Noam Neusner

“Tim’s a great interviewer and creates a thoughtful space for conversation and exploration of major issues in news-making, communication and the craft of writing.”

Noam Neusner, former presidential speechwriter, Guest, Episode 71

William J. Connell

“Knowledgeable, a good listener, Tim O’Brien asks the questions that need to be asked.  His podcast, ‘Shaping Opinion,’ explores timely topics in the depth and with the attention they deserve.”

William J. Connell, professor, author, historian, Guest, Episode 133



Susan Medley

“Recording the Shaping Opinion podcast on the benefits of choral singing was a great experience. Tim asked thoughtful questions, and the interview quickly felt more like a conversation. It was enjoyable to share ideas with someone who has such diverse interests and is interested in making dialogues on these topics accessible to everyone.”

Susan Medley, choral director, Guest, Episode 111