Generation Why: Solving America’s True Crime Obsession

Justin from the popular true crime podcast called Generation Why joins Tim to talk about America’s obsession with true crime and his podcast’s role in shaping the growing genre. Justin and his best friend and co-host Aaron launched their podcast in 2012, helping to pioneer the true crime podcasting.

For a lot of people when they think of podcasts, they think of true crime. And for a lot of people, when they think of true crime, they think of podcasts.

Aaron (left) and Justin (right) from Generation Why

But it’s not just podcasts. True crime magazines were a thing for well over 50 years. TV programs like Dateline have made true crime their focus for decades. Streamers have produced a steady stream of documentaries like “Making a Murderer,” and then there are the motion pictures and the streaming dramas, like “Mindhunter.”

In the podcasting world, true crime continues to be one of the fastest-growing genres.

And as we’ve already mentioned, the Generation Why podcast has pioneered the form. Generation Why released its first episode in 2012. It’s co-hosted by best-friends Aaron Habel and Justin Evans.

Each week, they select a specific case, almost always involving a murder or a missing person, to study and analyze, and perhaps most importantly, help the listener come to their own conclusions.

About four years into their own podcasting journey, Justin and Aaron saw a boost in listener interest when a podcast called “Serial” hit the scene. Serial is largely credited for helping to blast off podcasting to a new level of popularity and awareness.

The Generation Why podcast remains one of the top true crime podcasts today.

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