Procrastination and Your New Year’s Resolutions

Princeton University professor, researcher and author Nic Voge joins Tim to talk about procrastination, and more to the point, why we procrastinate every year just after we come up with those New Year’s resolutions. Nic directs Princeton’s McGraw Center Learning Programs. This includes the undergraduate learning program, and the graduate learning program.

New Year's Resolutions

According to a study last year, the top three New Year’s resolutions for Americans are: exercising more, losing weight, and saving money. That study was conducted by Statista.

Yet by the end of each year, we often find we not only didn’t make the progress we wanted on those resolutions, but for all too many, we never even got started in trying to make that progress. Why is that? That’s where we started in our conversation.

Nic will be launching an on-line course on understanding and overcoming procrastination in Spring of 2023 at Voge Academy which is based upon his popular TEDx Talk. This new, innovative platform will include many more strategies, techniques and tools for preventing procrastination from preventing you from reaching your goals. Sign up now to receive practical advice about how to overcome procrastination, feel more motivated, engage productively and achieve success in the things that matter to you.


About this Episode’s Guest Nic Voge

Nic VogeAt Princeton Univesity, Nic Voge directs the McGraw Center’s Learning Programs, including the Undergraduate Learning Program and the Graduate Learning Program. Adopting a socio-cognitive approach informed by self-worth theory and positive psychology, Nic explores the unique educational expectations of elite research universities and the ways students engage with and meet them. Recognizing the variety and complexity of learning demands students encounter in various disciplines and courses, our programs focus on assisting students as they transition into and through Princeton’ distinctive curriculum. Nic is a founding member of the Princeton Perspective ProjectPrincipedia, and the Academic Resilience Consortium (formerly The Resilience Consortium).

He recently co-authored Life Beyond Grades: Designing College Courses to Promote Intrinsic Motivation (Cambridge University Press).