U.S. Navy

Bill Toti: Life & Work After the Military

Retired Navy Captain and former corporate CEO Bill Toti joins Tim to talk about life and work after military service, particularly for leaders. You may remember Bill from two of our episodes on the story behind 9/11. He was in the Pentagon when the planes hit. In this episode, Bill talks about a new book he wrote that’s all designed to help military leaders find their place in leadership of society. The book is called, “From CO to CEO: A Practical Guide for Transitioning from Military to Industry Leadership.”

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Colonel Robert Adams, MD: The Making of a Navy SEAL

Dr. Bob Adams, a former Navy SEAL joins Tim to talk about how a Navy SEAL is made, from what he needs going in, to Hell Week, to the SEALS’ intensive training, and life as a SEAL. Bob also became a medical doctor after his SEAL career, and then joined the US. Army’s elite Delta Force as a medical doctor . In this episode, Bob about the a very specific part of his military history, and that is the storied orientation would-be SEALs have to go through before they can become Navy SEALs. Today we’re going to talk about Hell Week.

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