Encore: In Search of Kindness

Mary Latham is on a mission to collect stories of kindness from all 50 states in the country for a once-in-a-lifetime journey. She joins Tim to talk about what and who inspired her mission and tells many stories she’s learned 41 states into her trip. This Encore Episode (#75) was first released on July 8, 2019.

Mary Latham is in the middle of the kind of trip that many may dream of, but only a few take, which is to travel across all 50 states in America by car.

What makes Mary’s story even more unique is why she’s doing it and what she hopes to find.

Mary is looking for as many stories of human kindness as she can find and document for a book she plans to write that will be donated to hospital waiting rooms across the country.

Mary’s physical journey started in October 2016, but the idea came much sooner, in 2012.

In the process, she has created a movement she calls, “More Good.”

You may wonder what this has to do with “shaping opinion.” The answer is simple. When someone travels to all 50 states, collecting stories of kindness, you get to know something about America and why and how Americans think the way they do. Mary’s journey will help you see the very large good in the country.


About this Episode’s Guest Mary Latham

Mary Latham was working in a law firm, as a nanny in the evenings and she ran a photography business on the weekends when she lost her mother from cancer. That traumatic event inspired Mary to look for the positive, or in the words of her mother Pat, there’s “more good” in the world if you just look for it. So, that’s what Mary decided to do.

Since then, Mary’s mission has taken her to 41 U.S. states so far.