Shaping Opinion Unplugged: Take Your Podcast to the Next Level

In this episode we introduce something new to our schedule. It’s in addition to our regular Monday interview episodes, which will not be changing. Every Monday, we’ll continue to serve up interesting interviews with interesting guests.  But during the week, we’re going to add something new to our schedule. We’re calling these episodes “Shaping Opinion Unplugged.”

Shaping Opinion

We’re going to talk podcasting and other communications topics. We’ll call these bonus episodes Shaping Opinion Unplugged. More often than not, we won’t have a guest. But these episodes will give us a chance to talk to you about things we’ve been hearing from you.

Today’s episode is in response to some of the questions we get.  You may have noticed in all of our episodes we ask listeners to get in touch. A good number of listeners to do get in touch, and most often these days, they have questions about podcasting. We’ll answer some of those questions here.

So, today, we’re going to talk about what it will take to launch a good podcast, or how to take your existing podcast to the next level – all through content.

For background, I started my career as a TV and radio producer. Since then, I spent an entire career advising clients of all sizes on all things communication. I’ve worked across all media for decades. Since 2018, we’ve produced over 230 weekly episodes of this award-winning Shaping Opinion Podcast. During that time, I’ve had the chance to help other podcasters take their podcasts to the Next Level.

So, let’s get to that question. How do you take your podcast to the next level through better content?

In this episode we spend a few minutes talking about just that. And we use Joe Rogan as a good case study. If there is a lesson to be learned it’s that if you want to take your podcast to the next level, focus on making you and your podcast better.

You’re not in this alone. If you want to talk, I may be able to help. I’ve been conducting media training for decades. I’ve helped others with their podcasts, and I have now released over 230 episodes of this Shaping Opinion podcast every week since 2018. The process for improvement is just that – a process.  If this is something you’d like to talk about, I’m all ears. I love to talk about podcasting. Just get in touch.

And thank you for listening to the Shaping Opinion Podcast. You’re our podcast family, and the reason we do this.