Paul Tasner: It’s Never Too Late to Start a Business

Entrepreneur Paul Tasner joins Tim to talk about his unique story of becoming a successful entrepreneur after the age of 66.  He’s the founder of a growing company called PulpWorks, a company that’s focused on sustainability, solving the problems of toxic plastic packaging. In this episode, Paul talks about the time he lost his job, which for most people would end their careers. But for him it marked a new beginning.

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Cordia Harrington: A Self-made Symbol of the American Dream

One of the most successful self-made women in America (according to Forbes) Cordia Harrington joins Tim to talk about her journey and how it exemplifies the American Dream. Cordia is the founder of The Bakery Companies. It’s a Nashville-based group of companies that have made baked goods for restaurants and food companies like McDonald’s, Five Guys, and Pepperidge Farm. Last year, Forbes Magazine ranked Cordia among America’s top 100 Self-Made Women.

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